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Offsite Data Storage

Your customer’s data is held in our secure data centre.  Security is provided by biomedical scanners, key cards, and restricted access.  Gone are the days of writing down your customer’s information on paper.


This protects you from liability, and your customers will know that you take their data security and privacy seriously.

Confirmation Text Messages

Do you know if your guests have given you a real phone number?  With Panther.Network, we send a SMS message with a verification code to make sure that you are capturing real phone numbers.


With the received SMS message, your staff can quickly verify the guest’s first and last name, and that they have checked in.  Panther.Network keeps your business complaint with current COVID-19 regulations, and takes the guess work out of collecting REAL data.  No more “catfishing”

Secure List of Patrons

Do you know where all of your “sign in” sheets are?  Are they accurate?  With Panther.Network, we keep ALL of your tracing data for you on our secure servers.  With Panther.Network, it’s easy to generate custom reports, and export them to Excel or PDF.


We collect first name, last name, phone number, email address, and date/time of when your guest checked in.  With the on-line reporting tool, you can quickly, and accurately export the data you need.

Safe & Secure

With our secure system, the only people who see your customer’s personal data is your customer. Gone are the days of having a sign in sheet at the front door that anyone with a camera can take a picture of.

Secure Reporting

With our secure user portal, we offer safe, and secure reporting options with customized date/time ranges, multiple sites, user connection time, bandwidth used, and selectable data output formats (PDF, CSV, TXT)

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