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Fast, safe, and secure wireless for your customers. We use enterprise quality hardware with you and your customers in mind!

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Better Connectivity for your Customers

More coverage, and faster speeds. Discover the easy way to connect and manage your WiFi network for your customers.

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Benefits of a Managed Network?


Using our enterprise class Secure hardware, our system keeps your walk-in customers firewalled from your back end network… Keeping your Data Safe

Simplified logon

Clear, and easy to connect to for your customers. Reducing the time spent by your staff helping customers get online.

No up front hardware costs

Panther.Network includes our enterprise grade hardware in ALL of our packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our devices were built with simplicity in mind from day one.  All you will need is a power plug and an Ethernet jack.  That’s it!  Simply power the device, and plug into your network, and let Panther Network take care of the rest.

Panther Network has partnered with Action Promo Group to bring you the best signage options that fit your business style.

We fully customize the wireless network’s name so there’s no mistaking what network to connect to.  Once connected, your customers are automatically redirected to our customizable login page.

True, some ISPs offer a customer WiFi access.  However, most will require your customers to already be a customer of their ISP, and have setup their device ahead of time.

For most non techie customers, this is very difficult, and frustrating.  With Panther.Network, we remove all of those barriers, and provide simple, fact connections.

Multiple locations, or franchises?  We would love to help you achieve your branding goal.  Successful franchises are biased on consistency, and customers grow accustomed to your look and feel.  We can help you achieve that goal for you with consistent theme, colours, and logo across all of your locations.